English language

This program is developed mainly to teach english lanuage to children aged 3-6yrs after school hours using the Montessori method. The Montessori approach uses a distinct set of practices that nurture a positive, natural learning experience to teach reading and writing. The Montessori curriculum is thoughtfully built around teaching children the many elements of reading and writing one by one, in a way accessible to and enjoyable by a child.

The program is also designed to teach English language as a second language through the Immersion method. Immersion programs conduct the "school day" entirely in the language the children are learning, or target language.  Immersion programs allow children to learn the target language similarly to the way they learned their native language — by being completely immersed in acquiring language from the environment. Children in immersion programs quickly become bilingual. As well, they learn that there is more than one way of expressing an idea or saying something, and they develop an understanding of the relationships between words and meaning. Overall, children who learn a second language develop mental flexibility as well as an increased awareness of the importance of communication with others.